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New Books
Cry of the Kalahari
The Russia account
The women of the copper country : a novel
Blood truth
Terns of endearment
The warning
A particular kind of black man
A song of joy
Super Turbo and the fountain of doom
The boy at the back of the class
True believer : a thriller
Keeping Lucy
The hidden things
City of windows
Mi papi tiene una moto
El delito de la limonada
Los zombis no comen verduras!
El aprendiz
Eres genial
How do you dance?
Scratchie : a touch-and-feel cat-venture
Prodigy. The evil earth
Pilu of the woods
Vow of thieves
Swipe right for murder
The Bitterroots
Marilou is everywhere
Vanishing in the haight
We are all good people here
How to hack a heartbreak
Lost you : a novel
The birthday girl
First cosmic velocity
Ellie and the harpmaker